3 BaBylissPro Holiday Sales Specials

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Ready to revel in the best discount deals and sales specials from a barber supply store near you? Well Alamo Barber and Beauty Supply has got you covered! That's right, in the spirit of transparency and sharing the best prices possible with our community, we're curating an ongoing selection of favorite December Discount Deals from BaBylissPro, Wahl, Andis, Oster and others!

Want to see some of our Wahl Cyber Sales Specials before jumping into more products? Read more here.

Now, let's jump into our latest arrivals from BaBylissPro that can be yours at a fraction of the cost thanks to Alamo Barber and Beauty Supply's holiday sale specials.

BaBylissPro White Double Foil Shaver
Now Only: $99.99 + Free Shipping

BaBylissPro White Double Foil Shaver 
The BaBylissPro White Double Foil Shaver brings the high-end excellence of BaBylissPro shavers to you and your customers, and Alamo Barber Supply is proud to bring to you at an exclusive price drop! 
The BaBylissPro White Double Foil Shaver is professional, full-size, metal foil shaver equipped with a powerful rotary motor. The White Double Foil Shaver is a great tool for an extra-close shave on the neck, face, and all around the hairline. It's also the perfect tool for fusing the blend on bald fades — Order now.


BaBylissPro Blue Skeleton Trimmer and Foil Shaver Combo
Now Just: $189.99 + Free Shipping

Fresh from the manufacturer and just in time for the holidays, Alamo Barber and Beauty Supply Is proud to bring you the BaBylissPro BlueFX Collection featuring the BaBylissPro Blue Cordless Skeleton Trimmer and Foil Shaver for only $189.99 with free shipping while supplies last. 
The blue BaBylissPro double foil shaver is hypoallergenic, in an all-metal housing and has a 3-hour runtime that is sure to accomplish anything and everything you may need to do for your client. The BaBylissPro Blue Cordless Skeleton Trimmer features a 360 degree exposed blade, lithium ion battery with 2-hours of runtime, and a graphite, deep-tooth, zero-gap T-blade — Order now.

BaBylissPro Limited Edition Chameleon
Skeleton Trimmer and Foil Shaver
Now Only: $199.99 + Free Shipping

If you thought our recent new arrivals were great, wait until you see this limited BaBylissPro ChameleonFX Collection featuring a cordless skeleton trimmer and double foil shaver from one of the best professional barber brands in the industry. 
With two hours of run-time on a lithium-ion battery, the BaBylissPro Chameleon Skeleton Trimmer features and exposed blade with adjustable zero gap. Like most great BaBylissPro products, the BaBylissPro Chameleon Double Foil Shaver is hypoallergenic and features a 3-hour runtime in an all-metal housing. Now you can deliver crisp clean cuts and fades with an exclusive barber product known for its excellence — Order today. 
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