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If you want to offer the best experience for all of your clients, you can’t go wrong with WAHL products. At Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply, we offer a wide selection of products from WAHL. Learn more about four amazing products that will change the way you serve your customers, and contact us for any questions about any of our products!

The 5-Star Cordless Senior Clipper from WAHL

5-Star Cordless Senior Clipper

It’s all in the name. You can’t go wrong with the 5-Star Cordless Senior Clipper that has everything from a cordless design to a high-quality lithium-ion battery with a 70-minute battery life. Easily give your customers a 5-star experience every visit with the right WAHL products.

All of the tools included with the Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer from WAHL, including three guides, recharging stand, cleaning brush, and more

Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer

When it comes down to the details, you want to make sure you have a trimmer that you can trust. The WAHL Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer will give you the ability to closely trim, leaving clean, crisp lines. The included T-wide blade is adjustable to best suit all of your hair detailing and design needs.

The 5 Star Finale Finishing Tool from WAHL

5-Star Finale Finishing Tool

We know that you want all of your clients to leave with an ultra-smooth finish. The WAHL 5-Star Finale Finishing Tool is designed specifically to help clean up hair and neck lines without leaving bumps! End every appointment with a high-quality experience when you have the right finishing tool in your collection.

The WAHL 5-Star Barber Dryer with included two concentrator attachments

5-Star Barber Dryer

From enhanced drying speeds to a retro-chrome design, this WAHL 5-Star Barber Dryer is the perfect way to end your 5-star collection. This dryer offers a concentrated air flow to help dry short hair quickly or meet all of your styling needs. 

When it comes to offering your clients the same high-quality and professional experience every time, you want to make sure you have the best in styling and trimming tools. Shop WAHL products at Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply and get everything you need to turn your business into a 5-star experience!

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