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Hailing from Miami, Florida, Frank "Da Barber" Soto, is one of BaBylissPro Baberology's most requested artists, and for good reason.

Rising from humble beginnings to become an industry trailblazer, Frank Da Barber Soto is creating and furthering trends in the barber and beauty industry with over 90K Instagram followers soaking up his style, tips, and tricks. 

As a proud nonconformist and rule breaker, Frank Da Barber Soto's client roster includes everyday Floridians, fans, and premier clientele like professional athletes and coaches who make it a point to seek out the BaBylissPro influencer. 


Renowned for his skillful craftsmanship and natural talent for fusing tools and techniques, BaBylissPro's Frank Da Barber Soto is true to his passion for elevating barbering to new heights of bold, original expression. 

As an award-winning artist, inspiration, and industry influencer, Frank takes deep pride in every cut, and he seeks to set himself apart with his signature style, passion, and reputation for setting new trends. 

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