How Often You Should Trim Your Hair and Why

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Why Trimming Your Hair Frequently is Important

How often you should trim your hair is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Some people get their hair trimmed when they have some free time while others make their haircuts a normal part of their schedule. Some people trim their hair only once a year while others trim their hair every few weeks. If you are looking to keep your hair healthy and strong, you should have it cut fairly often. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to hair trimming.

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Trim Your Hair Often

Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks will keep it healthy and make it grow faster and longer. Though this may seem counterintuitive, getting rid of split ends will help your hair grow faster. If hair splits, it becomes thin and breaks. Once the hair breaks, there is no way to repair it and it stops growing.

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Look For These Signs

Here are a few signs that you can look out for regardless of what kind of hair you have. It is best to trim your hair as soon as you see these signs because the damage will only get worse.

  • You have split ends
  • Your hair has a sticky or gummy texture
  • Your hair starts tangling more frequently

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Keep in Mind Hair Length

Short hair should be trimmed every two to four weeks to keep it looking neat. After four weeks it begins to look overgrown. Mid-length hair should be cut at least every eight to 12 weeks. The edges will maintain their shaped look when trimmed on this schedule. If you have a layered haircut, trim it every eight to 12 weeks. Long hair should be trimmed at least once every six months. With longer hair, you have a little more flexibility but keep in mind that long hair is more susceptible to breakage because it is older.

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Hair Texture is Important

If you have thick hair, you can trim it every six months but if you have fine hair it should be trimmed every four to six weeks. Fine hair is susceptible to damage from chemicals and hot tools. Natural hair that is not chemically treated needs less trimming because it isn’t suffering the same damage that treated hair is.

For the best-looking hair, frequent trimming is necessary. By using the best barber trimmers, you can achieve the perfect look. Shop with Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply today to find the best barber trimmers and other equipment for your salon or barber shop.

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