Andis Master Cordless Gold Edition


This limited-edition cordless gold clipper from Andis provides excellent performance and stunning results. The easy-to-use gold clippers allow you to provide clients with the hair they want with style. No matter what hair type you are cutting, wet or dry, these clippers will not drag or stall. You will be able to provide flawless cuts from start to finish. This light, stylish clipper will change the way you cut hair!

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Product Specs
  • Model MLC
  • Item Number 12540
  • UPC code 0 40102 12540 9
  • Made In USA
  • Length 9.66 in
  • Width 15.51 in
  • Depth 10.67 in
  • Weight 17.0 lbs
Motor Specs
  • Strokes per Minute MAX 7200 SPM
  • Volts 100-240 V
  • Hertz 50-60 Hz
Weight 2.0 lbs

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