Cricket X-Pressions Hey Rosie Shear 5.75"


Each shear takes hints from fashion while staying true to what focused stylists require when creating/cutting hair.

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  • JAPANESE STAINLESS STEEL: High-quality stainless steel prolongs edge sharpness for increased durability and performance
  • COMFORT SILENCER: Avoids the metal on metal sounds and allows for a smooth cutting stroke
  • ERGONOMIC OFFSET DESIGN: Spacing between the finger and thumb rings stabilizes hand and reduces cramping
  • REMOVABLE FINGER RINGS: Allows for a customizable comfortable fit
  • REMOVABLE FINGER REST: Provides added support and can be easily removed
  • REUSABLE PACKAGING: Each shear is packaged in a reusable shear storage case, to protect shears when not in use.
Weight 1 lbs

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