Derby Professional Double Edge Blades 100ct.


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Derby Extra Double Edged Razor Blades are of superb quality and suitable for all safety razors. They are chromium-ceramic, platinum, tungsten and polymer coated for optimum shaving comfort. They can be used with any double-edged safety razor or snapped in half and used in a cutthroat razor. Derby Extra Double Edged Razor Blades are triple coated for a sharpness that lasts.

  • 100 DERBY EXTRA Double Edge Razor Blades come in a plastic dispenser, sealed and individually wrapped.
  • Each packet includes 20 sealed packages of 5 DERBY EXTRA blades which is a total of 100 double-edge blades
  • Each individual package is sealed and contains 5 blades. Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped
Weight .3 lbs

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