Olivia Garden Cara VG-10 6" Shear


Superior quality Japanese steel with masterful craftsmanship & design.

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  • VG-10 Stainless Steel High levels of Cobalt & Carbon Ultra-sharp & extremely long-lasting edge
  • Ergonomic Handle Design Offset comfortable handle with special thumb curvature keeps the hand relaxed in a natural position
  • Thin Tension Dial Easy to adjust Perfectly smooth ball-bearing pivot mechanism
  • Hand honed with masterful craftsmanship Powerful convex blades for a smooth, easy cut of all hair textures Rockwell hardness of 62 Unique lightweight blade design
  • Optimal finger rest positions for effortless cuts with all fingers Removable finger rest  Silicone silencer
  • Engraved serial number for easy registering of shear
Weight 1 lbs

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