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Black Diamond Comb 7 1/2 #711

Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply

Black Diamond Comb 7 1/2 #711

Model# 711

Black Diamond combs offer an alternative to hard rubber combs, which can become brittle with age. Not Black Diamond. These durable, heat- and chemical-resistant combs retain their superior flexibility throughout their lifespan, offering top quality styling service to busy salon professionals. They're static-free, which brings peace of mind when working with professional hair dryers and other potentially drying salon equipment.

Made of Delrin® better than hard rubber. Black Diamond comb #711. Premium grade salon professional comb. 7-1/2″ Tapered barber comb. Made by Dupont-withstands extreme heat and chemicals. Strong, durable, flexible, and non-scratching.

Made in the U.S.A.