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Merkur Shaving Brush



Merkur Shaving Brush


Made by the best in shaving gear Merkur Solingen.

This shave brush is made of natural, fine badger hair - the highest quality.


You've chosen a shaving brush of 100% pure badger hair with specially selected badger hair trimming - the best for the perfect shave.

To ensure a long life for your new shaving brush, the following maintenance notes should be observed.

If the new brush smells of moth powder on first being used, this is caused by a harmless preservative which repels bacteria and microorganisms from the badger hair; this is normally washed out after a few days.

Never press the brush onto the skin; it is better to stroke the brush sideways like a painters brush in order to avoid breaking the hairs.

After use, the brush should be rinsed out thoroughly, shaken to remove excess water and hung up in a well-ventilated place to dry.

The brush must not be cleaned with disinfectants.

Never use boiling water for rinsing out the brush, only lukewarm water.