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Sculpting Cream
Sculpting Cream



Sculpting Cream


Smoothing & Toning Cream

Don’t take cellulite lying down! Take action with our proprietary blend of ingredients that give this soft and creamy formula its fighting power. Our combination of sculpting ingredients target areas that are in need of definition and sculpting. Peptides within the Sculpting Cream work to stimulate and repair extracellular matrix damage, and reestablish skin firmness resulting in a sculpted appearance.

Featuring, Xantalgosil C, which was created for body and skin stimulation, is a lipolytic. Lipolysis is the process of converting fat into energy. When used with Lipo Lotion’s therapeutic massage head, microcirculation of the skin allows the formula to penetrate and contour your skin as a form of Lipolysis. Your body uses the extra energy created by the microcirculation to contour new shapes with prolonged use.

Net Wt: 5 fl oz/ 148 mL