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The Vanishing American Barber Shop by Willam Marvy

William Marvy

The Vanishing American Barber Shop by Willam Marvy


Is the most comprehensive book ever written on barbershop history. Ronald Barlow traces the evolution of professional shaving and haircutting. Over 750 vintage photographs and illustrations accompany a text which is both educational and entertaining.

Included in the book are lessons on shaving (with a straight razor) and haircutting, as taught in early barber school manuals. For collectors and hobbyists, many pages are painstakingly reproduced in detail from very old and rare Barber Supply catalogs. Wooden poles, revolving poles, barber signs, porcelain and wood barber chairs, are all shown in detail. This is a "must-have" book for barber enthusiasts. The price guide section is an invaluable research tool for collectors.

The book devotes several chapters to the memoirs of old time barbers, who actually worked in shops from 1860 to 1960.
Something for everyone.