Tourmaline Ionic Portable 1875 watts Salon Dryer



Tourmaline Ionic Portable 1875 watts Salon Dryer


Hot Tools’ Tourmaline Tools™ roll-around bonnet dryer with Pro-Moisture System (#1059) incorporates a nano-particle surface of Tourmaline plus direct ION TECHNOLOGY® to generate far-infrared energy and ions. The Pro-Moisture System does more than just dry hair…
it transforms airflow into a hydrating spa treatment. The Tourmaline-generated far-infrared energy penetrates the cuticle, going directly to the cortex. Hair is softened so it may be styled, but the cuticle is not overheated, so hair moisture and shine are retained.
Direct ION TECHNOLOGY incorporates an electronic element to actively create hundreds of millions of ions which break moisture into smaller
easier-to-absorb, easier-to-dry droplets. This also creates healthy, shiny, beautiful hair while drying faster.
The dryer’s wheels are lockable for stability. It also features an adjustable front visor,
1875 watts and 4 speed/heat options with separate switches for total control of heat and airflow.


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