William Marvy Barber Pole No. 77


William Marvy

William Marvy Barber Pole No. 77


The big brother to the Model 55, the additional 4" in height gives the Model 77 an attractive, taller and slimmer look. Isn't it time to brighten up your shop and attract more customers with a genuine Marvy Barber Pole.

Barber Pole -
Height 32"
Width 9"
Length of Glass 20"
Projection (from wall) 11"

(Also keep in mind we can order almost any part for any barber poles please feel free to call us at 210-824-1541) 

Installation of Line Cord & Toggle Switch Available as well for only $24.99! 

Item is available for custom order only. Please call to request one at 210.824.1541