Carbon Stylist 4 Pack Combs


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Our bestselling Carbon Combs set the bar with the ability to use with extreme heat, very durable, anti-static and lightweight, all while being unusually strong, with very little flexibility… No wonder this collection has been considered the workhorse of the hairstyling world.

  • Crafted from carbon fibers, can withstand extreme heat.
  • Weigh less than an ounce which ensures ultimate comfort during usage.
  • Manufactured with “seamless teeth”: which guarantees smooth flow through hair and eliminates snagging and pulling.

Our Stylist 4-pack includes 1 each:

  • C20 All Purpose Cutting Comb
  • C25 Multi Purpose Comb
  • C30 Power Comb
  • C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Comb
Weight .5 lbs

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